Friday, June 10, 2011

tuxedo don't like mouth

now and this moment I want to take all of you jump into my fantasy,this is because my mind was in progress now.please give your attention if you think I am quite pretty.
to start the nightmare,what we should do?
my mum said ''before tido jangan basuh kaki,nanti boleh mimpi ngeri"
.but I said,"tengok citer hantula,kompem xleh tido malam nie"..but did you think that matters can help you get nightmare?
If your mind want the nightmare happens,it will be!don't worry laa.Not be forced yourself to go to the scary movies and not washed your feet before sleep.
So,when he says,so he is!charged your mind is everything.
people said, hey you cakap xde point laa.
.hey!do  I care?
 no ones did not knew laa what we talk-talk-talk.but our minds know what we wants to talk
.If we always thinking the topic that not interesting to others that whyla wujudnya perkataan'' you nie cakap xde pointlaa''why it happened?this is because we never prepared for our speaking.
We did not fully thinking what people will estimated us.
But we should know that what we talk actually show the way we are.
The way we talk will represent the who we are.Don't blame people if they judges you cakap xde pointla, it is your fault actually.
so,I hope after this please think twice if you want to speak in front of people in tuxedo.Because they don't like rubbish.They are perfectionist for the external.They hate people that always rambling.
That's whyla wujudnya quotes''diam itu lebih baik dari berkata-kata''

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